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James Fox Pipes

We, in James Fox, have been selling premium pipes since the opening of our Grafton street store in 1881. We now offer a range of pipes, made in Ireland from the finest briar and in a large range of finishes and shapes to suit every smoker. While in our Grafton Street store you will find our full range of Fox pipes, in our online store you will find some of our best selling pipes.

The Tally-Ho is the perfect pipe for the novice smoker, offering a cool and satisfying smoke; the Grafton is made from the sandblasted seasoned briar root and is the perfect example of a pipemakers craft;  the Guinea Grain is a premium grade selected briar for the smoker who expects that little extra from his pipe.

Need to get to grips with your new pipe? Click here to see David's "Guide to the new pipe smoker", a series of four short videos that will answer most of your questions.

Chacom Renard 184 (9mm)
Price: €74.95

Chacom Renard 185 (9mm)
Price: €74.96

Chacom Renard 871 (9mm)
Price: €74.95

James Fox Grafton Canadian
Price: €49.95

James Fox Tally Ho Straight
Price: €34.95