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  • James Fox Grafton Pipes
  • Semogue Shaving Brushes
  • Jameson Whiskey Makers Series

    Jameson Whiskey Makers Series

    Jameson Whiskey Makers Series is a brand new range from Jameson, inspired by the different stages of the whiskey making process. Each whiskey is carefully crafted by Jameson's head blender Billy Leighton, head distiller Brian Nation and head cooper Ger Buckley and named after a tool each ones uses in the process.

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  • Cigar Traveller

    Cigar Traveller

    With the Cigar Traveller you will never be left without a cigar ligher on your travels. Its patented design converts a standard disposable lighter in a jet flame. The lighter insert is removable and by separating the two parts you are able to carry the Cigar Traveller through airport security. Available in two sizes, the Cigar Traveller is the ideal companion for cigar smokers on the go!

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  • Free Shipping

    Free Shipping

    To make your shopping more convenient, we are now offering Free Domestic Shipping throughout Christmas, on all orders over the value of 150EUR within Ireland. To avail of this offer when your order is over 150EUR, choose "FREE SHIPPING OFFER" as the shipping method when checking out. Available only for orders shipped to Ireland or Northern Ireland.

Buy Cuban cigars, Peterson pipes and Irish Whiskey online

James Fox Cigar and Whiskey Store is the focal point in Dublin for lovers of Whiskey, premium smoking pipes and fine Cuban cigars. In our shop you will find the largest selection of premium, handmade Cuban cigars in Ireland, and also a selection of rare and vintage cigars, which are maintained at the peak of perfection in our state of the art humidors. The James Fox cigar and whiskey store is the only cigar store in Ireland to source cigars exclusively from Hunters & Frankau, the Habanos official agents in Ireland and the UK, and is the only cigar store in Ireland to carry the Habanos certificate of authenticity.

For over 130 years, James Fox Cigar and Whiskey Store has been Ireland's premier tobacconist and has now added to this reputation a large range of Irish and Scotch Whiskeys, to satisfy the most discerning palate. In our online store you will find a large selection of premium handmade Cuban cigars, Peterson Pipes, Irish Whiskey, Scotch whisky, Caribbean rum, cigar and pipe accessories, cigar humidors, as well as our world renowned James Fox pipe tobacco.

If you are over the age of 18 and require information about our products, please feel free to browse our online catalogue where you will find a selection of the products we have available in our famous retail store. If you are shopping outside the EU, you can take advantage of our VAT free prices, across our entire range of products.

New In Stock

James Fox Grafton Canadian
Price: €49.95
The James Fox Grafton Canadian is a pipe from our new Grafton Range. A classic straight pipe with a sandblasted billiard bowl and an extra long shank in a tan colour, the Grafton Canadian...

Semogue Owners Club Badger Brush - Ash
Price: €75.00
A beautiful high-end shaving tool, the Semogue SOC Owners Club two-band Badger Ash Wood is handmade for those who appreciate the finest men's grooming implements. Artisan made from the...

Semogue 830 Boar Brush
Price: €19.95
The Semogue 830 is an elegant boar brush with an acrylic and crimson red handle, one of Semogue's most popular boar brushes. With a 22mm knot of premium 90% dyed tops , this brush is ideal...

Semogue 2040 HD Badger Brush
Price: €83.00
The Semogue 2040HD is a premium shaving brush that features a two-tone acrylic handle and a high density knot containing pure silvertip badger. Silvertip is the most elastic, lusciously...

Semogue Owners Club Boar Brush - Cherry
Price: €32.50
A recreation of a favored boar bristle brush issued in a limited quantity in 2009, today's Semogue Owners Club Cherry Wood Bristle Shaving Brush features a unique, special grade of boar...

Cigar Traveller CT34
Price: €19.95
The Cigar Traveller is a portable jet flame lighter that uses a regular disposable lighter insert and converts it to a jet flame, the best flame to light your cigar with ease. The beauty of...