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  • 2007 Montecristo Tubos

    2007 Montecristo Tubos

    After 8 years of aging in its aluminium tube, theMontecristo Tubos have now unleashed their rich crisp and spicy flavours. Its medium to full body and its complex flavours will satisfy every palate, while its tube presentation makes it a great choice for your travels, or will help it age even further!

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  • New Green Spot

    New Green Spot

    Initially matured in traditional sherry and bourbon casks, Green Spot Chateau Loville Barton was then finished in Bordeaux wine casks, adding an exciting new dimension to this Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey already renowned for its excellent quality.

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  • Shaving Brushes

    Shaving Brushes

    Discover traditional wet shaving with a premium quality badger brush. Browse our range of pure, fine and silvertip badger brushes for the unbeatable feeling of your favourite shaving soap or cream.

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  • Jameson Caskmates

    Jameson Caskmates

    After all that time together in pubs, they’ve rubbed off on each other! What happens when Jameson Original is aged in oak casks that have been seasoned with craft Irish stout? The answer lies in this limited release Jameson Caskmates. Experience the culmination of this collaboration before this experimental edition whiskey is gone.

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  • James Fox Grafton

    James Fox Grafton

    Our new James Fox Grafton range has a new sandblasted finish in a tan colour, an excellent choice for both the beginner and seasoned pipe smoker. Its sandblasted finish helps the briar to keep cooler, while the 9mm filter offers a drier smoke.

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Buy Cuban cigars, Peterson pipes and Irish Whiskey online

James Fox Cigar and Whiskey Store is the focal point in Dublin for lovers of Whiskey, premium smoking pipes and fine Cuban cigars. In our shop you will find the largest selection of premium, handmade Cuban cigars in Ireland, and also a selection of rare and vintage cigars, which are maintained at the peak of perfection in our state of art humidors. The James Fox cigar and whiskey store is the only cigar store in Ireland to source cigars exclusively from Hunters & Frankau, the Habanos official agents in Ireland and the UK, and is the only cigar store in Ireland to carry the Habanos certificate of authenticity.

For over 130 years, James Fox Cigar and Whiskey Store has been Ireland's premier tobacconist and has now added to this reputation a large range of Irish and Scotch Whiskeys, to satisfy the most discerning palate. In our online store you will find a large selection of premium handmade Cuban cigars, Peterson Pipes, Irish Whiskey, Scotch whisky, Caribbean rum, cigar and pipe accessories, cigar humidors, as well as our world renowned James Fox pipe tobacco.

If you are over the age of 18 and require information about our products, please feel free to browse our online catalogue where you will find a selection of the products we have available in our famous retail store. If you are shopping outside the EU, you can take advantage of our VAT free prices, across our entire range of products.

New In Stock

Muhle Purist Silvertip Badger Brush - Briar
Price: €124.50
The Muhle Purist is a luxurious range of shaving accessories made in Germany. This Muhle Purist shaving brush features a premium 21mm knot made from Silvertip Badger hair, the highest grade...

Muhle Closed Comb Safety Razor - Chrome
Price: €39.95
The traditional safety razor with replaceable blade is regarded by many as the first mechanical razor for self-shaving. At MÜHLE it is more: a minor miracle of precision, ergonomics...

HJM Pure Badger Brush - Ivory
Price: €25.00
HJM is an entry range of shaving brushes made in Germany by Muhle. This brush has a pure badger knot with a classic shaped, plastic ivory handle with a chrome ring on the base of the knot....

Muhle Shaving Soap Trio Set
Price: €21.00
This Muhle set includes the three Muhle Shaving Soaps; the Sea Buckthorn, the Aloe Vera and the Sandalwood. Rich, gently scented lather is produced from shaving soap and warm water...

Muhle Kosmo Safety Razor Shaving Set - Olive
Price: €150.00
The Muhle Kosmo range of accessories is modern, stylish and ergonomical. The handles are large and bulbous with chrome details and high quality finish.  This set includes 3 parts, a...

Proraso Shaving Cream - Red
Price: €7.50
The Proraso Red is especially formulated for coarse beards and dry skin.This shaving cream is made with extracts of Shea Butter and Sandaloil which keep your skin soft and elastic and also...