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Irish Cigars

Made in Co. Roscommon, Ireland, specially for James Fox this range of every day cigar is made to a blend of 20% Cuban and 80% Sumatra tobaccos. This unique blend of tobacco, offers the smoker a satisfying blend of flavour and smoothness. Available in Full Corona, Half Corona, Panatella and Cigarillo sizes.

To compliment our existing range Fox have recently introduced a cigarillo available in Irish Coffee, Irish Crème and Vanilla flavours

James Fox Half Coronas - 5
Price: €17.75

James Fox Panatellas - 10
Price: €19.85

James Fox Cigarillos - 20
Price: €20.75

James Fox Long Coronas - 5
Price: €23.55

James Fox Panatellas - 25
Price: €46.50

James Fox Cigarillos - 50
Price: €49.00

James Fox Long Coronas - 10
Price: €49.30

James Fox Half Coronas - 25
Price: €84.50