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Bruichladdich – Octomore Masterclass Edition 08.1

Price:  €150.00

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The spirit of Octomore has been defying logic for over fifteen years. The "what if" moment, that once seemed almost absurd, has progressively morphed into something endlessly alluring. It begat liquid like no other, an elusive collection, the stuff of legend. Now suddenly, there are Eight. Led by the structural billiance of 08.1, we can pause at the symbolic moment to enjoy a single malt Masterclass. The experimental ethos, the muscular quality, is still very much to the fore, but there is enlightenment now, a sure-footed confidence. 08.1 is the necessary benchmark, the launched pad from which others can follow.

  • Character - Refined, confident, a little extra age has tempered some of the vitality but this dram has gained a classic, timeless feel.
  • Aroma - Initially smoke, tar, peat ash hint of muddiness / wet peat moss. Candied orange, pepper, chocolate, macaroon, vanilla fudge and lemon meringue pie.
  • Taste - Liquid gold, soft and delicate texture from slow distillation. Superb fruit / smoke combination. On the lips there is soft kiss of salt spray, ozone fresh. Sweet oak gives vanilla, fudge, marzipan and walnut. Melon and citrus come through on a floral breeze. May layers, there is a lot to find in this Octomore.
  • Finish - Dry peat smoke, iodine and oak sweetness combine. Hints of mint and bog myrtle fade with the lingering peat smoke, as ever, the last flavour to go.
  • Colour - Winter sun, crisp and bright

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