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Prizefight Whiskey

Price:  €49.95

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Prizefight is a story of Irish-American cooperation. Irishman Flor Prendergast set out to create a whiskey, and enlisted assistance from his friend in America, Steven Grasse. It was Grasse’s idea to involve two craft distilleries, one from each side of the Atlantic – West Cork Distillers in Ireland, and Grasse’s own Tamworth Distilling in the U.S. – creating an Irish whiskey finished in American rye barrels.

The name “Prizefight” is also a reference to the Irish-American history – namely, the stories of the Irish who embarked on a journey to America, and their fight for a better life.

It’s an Irish whiskey, distilled and aged in Ireland, while finished in American rye casks. It all adds up to a sophisticated whiskey that doesn’t burn, but still packs a punch.

Tasting Notes: Fresh and clean with fruit, floral, and spice notes. Sweet and refreshing up front, followed by a subtle hint of bitterness and a spicy finish.

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