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Our Guarantee

Our Guarantee

All the Havana cigars sold by James Fox have been purchased through Hunters & Frankau, a UK based Cigar Importer owned by Habanos and by the Freeman family. Each box of Cuban Cigars sold through our Grafton Street store and through this website is labelled with a H&F sticker indicating that the origins of the box can be traced back though the supply chain. This allows for meaningful quality control in the supply chain, and allows our store hold the Habanos certificate of authenticity. The James Fox store is the only cigar store in Dublin which Habanos will certify the origin of their cuban cigar stocks.                                                                                      

Prior to 1998, the H&F ink stamp was used to identify cigars sold through the official, authentic supply chain.
Each box of cigars legitimately imported into Ireland bears an Irish Language Health warning. (Ireland has 2 official languages, Irish and English). You can see from this image, that the Irish language version sits above the English translation.