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Old Ledgers


The James Fox Cigar and Whiskey store has grown up in tandem with Dublin and Ireland. We cherish the handwritten ledgers which have captured some of the historical events in our nations evolution. 

December 12th 1881 – James J Fox (Cigar Merchants) & Co opens for its first days trade. The image shows that the takings for the first day were £7. I haven’t inflation linked this to compare it to today’s currency – it would be a difficult task given that it was in Sterling (the currency in use at that time) and was pre decimalisation. The equation would have to convert to Irish Pounds and then Euro, with a decimalisation factor built in.
You can see from the image below that the shop was closed during the Easter rising in 1916. Thankfully the shop was not damaged in any way, despite being in the city centre which was shelled by the British Navy.  
The image below shows that the shop was also closed on the day of Michael Collins’ funeral in 1922. Interestingly, the takings for the week were not effected, presumably Dublin’s cigar and pipe smokers made up for lost time on the following day.