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In the last few years, a new wave of distilleries have been opening all around Ireland due to the rise in the popularity of Irish whiskey. While waiting for three years (at least) for the whiskey to be ready, most distilleries produce unique gins in small batches, using locally grown produce combined with traditional gin botanicals. In James Fox you will find our favourite Irish gins, all with their own special characteristics, that are guaranteed to give you a unique Irish twist to the classic gin character. We also stock some of the most famous international Gins.

Berkeley Square Gin
Price: €65.00

Blackwater No.5 Irish Gin
Price: €34.50

Bloom Gin - 70cl
Price: €49.95

Chinnery Gin – 70cl
Price: €59.95

Conncullin Gin - 70cl
Price: €49.95

Dingle Distillery Gin - 70cl
Price: €39.95

Dublin City Gin
Price: €53.50

Galway Gin
Price: €54.95

Garnish Island Gin
Price: €39.95

Gin Fusion Kit
Price: €5.55