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Safety Razors (or Double Edge Razors) have been the tool of choice for those looking for a smooth, comfortable shave for over 100 years. They are well crafted, from quality stainless materials and offer great protection against skin irritations. A good quality Safety Razor will last you for a lifetime and by using double edge blades you will make considerable savings over modern cartridge razors. Once you try wet shaving you will never go back!
Safety razors come with 4 types of head; a closed comb is a comfortable and forgiving razor that would be ideal for those trying wet shaving for the first time, while an open comb razor is a better for tougher beards. A slant bar razor gives the blade an angle, offering a very close shave to the experienced shavers and lastly, the more premium adjustable blades lets you choose the amount of the exposed blade and aggressiveness.