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Johnnie Walker

Blended Scotch is a product of blending malts and grain whisky from different distilleries. The aim is generally to produce a smooth, easy to enjoy whisky for both drinking and in some cases mixing.

Blends may not be seen as being as glamorous as single malts, but they can be as complex as any single malt. The main differentiating factors with blended Scotch are the quality and age of the malt used in the blend, and hence price. They may be bought as vatted malts (malts from different distilleries vatted together), deluxe blends, premium blends and standard blends. The beauty of blends is the marrying of the lighter, smoother grain whiskies with the rugged, individualistic malts to create something more than the sum of its parts, and indeed consistently so.

Johnnie Walker Black 70cl
Price: €43.95

Johnnie Walker Blue 70cl
Price: €240.00

Johnnie Walker Red 70cl
Price: €30.50