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Vauen Pipes

Vauen was established in 1848 by Karl Ellenberger and August Ziener, when they opened up their first factory to produce pipes from selected woods. In 1901 the company merged with Gebhard Ott pipe manufacturers from Nuremberg and was renamed to Vereinigte Pfeifenfabriken Nürnber. The name was changed to Vauen, a phonetic abbreviation of VPFN. Today, Vauen is the most popular pipe manufacturer in Germany and one of the most respected pipe makers worldwide. Vauen pipes differentiate their premium selections with a white dot on the stem, while their standard quality pipes do not bear the mark.

Vauen Adagio 1231 (9mm)
Price: €79.00

Vauen Adagio 1236 (9mm)
Price: €79.00

Vauen Admiral 142 (9mm)
Price: €109.00

Vauen Admiral 173 (9mm)
Price: €109.00

Vauen Admiral 186 (9mm)
Price: €109.00

Vauen Cornet 1373 (9mm)
Price: €89.00

Vauen Country Rustic 466
Price: €99.00