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Brebbia Pipes

The history of Brebbia begins in 1947, when Enea Buzzi began manufacturing pipes in association with Achille Savinelli. While Achille was in charge of sales, Enea was responsible for the manufacturing. The mutual agreement between the two was terminated in 1953 and in 1956 Enea set up his own business, named after his birthplace Brebbia, MPB (Manifatture Pipe Brebbia). Brebbia have since been creating high quality pipes in both modern and classic shapes, all of which have an Italian “flair”. The briar used for Brebbia pipes is air cured and the mouthpieces are made from acrylic or vulcanite. Today, Brebbia is under the administration of Enea’s son, Luciano Buzzi. The factory employs 14 people and produces around 35,000 pipes per year.

Brebbia Aero 6010
Price: €55.00

Brebbia Bronzo 1001 (9mm)
Price: €69.00

Brebbia Bronzo 2007 (9mm)
Price: €69.00

Brebbia Bronzo 2773 (9mm)
Price: €69.00

Brebbia Bronzo 6002 (9mm)
Price: €69.00

Brebbia Bronzo 602 (9mm)
Price: €69.00

Brebbia Bronzo 834 (9mm)
Price: €69.00

Brebbia Chiocciola Noce
Price: €130.00

Brebbia Chiocciola Pura Noce
Price: €185.00

Brebbia Chiocciola Sabbiata
Price: €115.00

Brebbia Classic 2017 Noce
Price: €125.00