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Chacom Pipes

Chacom is a french manufacturer of fine briar pipes. The history of Chacom pipes starts from 1825, long time before briar was used to make pipes. Based in Saint-Claude, the name Chacom comes from the names of Chapuis & Chomoy, the two pipe making families behind the brand. Today, Chacom is one of the world's best known pipe makers, with both classic and modern shapes in their portfolio.

Chacom Alpina 32
Price: €92.40

Chacom Anton Natural
Price: €242.00

Chacom Atlas Bleu 186 (9mm)
Price: €94.60

Chacom Atlas Bleu 851 (9mm)
Price: €94.60

Chacom Atlas Jaune 262 (9mm)
Price: €94.60

Chacom Atlas Jaune 857 (9mm)
Price: €94.60

Chacom Atlas Jaune 861 (9mm)
Price: €94.60

Chacom Atlas Taupe 185 (9mm)
Price: €94.60

Chacom Atlas Taupe 43 (9mm)
Price: €94.60

Chacom Atlas Taupe F5 (9mm)
Price: €94.60

Chacom Baccara 186 (9mm)
Price: €170.00

Chacom Baccara Brown 186 (9mm)
Price: €199.00