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Peterson Spigots

The Peterson Spigots distinguished by the sterling silver that covers the shank and the stem end of the pipe. The spigot style has originated from soldiers who used their used cartridges to repair the broken shanks of their pipes. Peterson of Dublin have embraced this style with a large range of Spigot pipes, available in a variety of shapes and finishes. The Peterson Black Spigots are finished in a beautiful matte ebony stain, which contrasts to the fine sterling silver detail of the pipes, while the Sandblast and Rustic finishes give those pipes a "vintage" look. The newly introduced Green and Red Spray finish has also proven to be extremely popular, as it accentuates the grain detail of the premium briar. The Natural Spigots are made for the finest quality briar available in the Peterson factory and have silver or gold spigots.

Peterson Red Spray Spigot 408
Price: €190.00

Peterson Walnut Spigot 6 (9mm)
Price: €190.00

Peterson Walnut Spigot XL13
Price: €190.00