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Aged Cuban Cigars

The James Fox Cigar Store in Dublin offers an excellent range of aged cuban cigars. Lets be clear from the start - not everyone prefers aged cigars, and not every cigar ages well. If you do like to allow your cigars time to mellow and mature, then you have come to the right place, as stock investment is one of the underlying principals upon which James Fox has built its reputation as Irelands finest cigar store.

Our policy is to hold at least 3 years stock at any given time - this buffer allows us offer the market the best cigars even in times of low supply. A nice side effects is that in times of good supply we build up good levels of well aged Cuban cigars.

We are delighted to offer you the following collection of aged cigars from our reserves all of which are aged for a considerable amount of time and are smoking particularily well at the moment.

Romeo Piramides Anejados
Price: €35.00