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Regional Edition Cigars

In 2005 Habanos introduced a new series in the cigar market, known as the Regional Edition (Edición Regional). The series comprises of a limited production of cigars, from Habanos' global and niche brands, which are rolled exclusively for a regional market and are only available for one year. All boxes are numbered individually, and the cigars have a second label indicating the region they were released for.

Hunters and Frankau, the regional distributor for UK and Ireland have seen some incredible regional releases over the recent years, most of which you can find in our cigar store. Until such time as we have our own Irish Regional Edition (and we are working on it), we have to make do with the best the UK has to offer. But there is at least some comfort, as these Regional Edition cigars are of exceptional quality, allowing us savour their excellence while we wait for our own.  

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