James Fox 135th Anniversary Humidor

It was winter of 1881 when James J. Fox first opened the doors of his new store on 119 Grafton Street, selling fine cigars, pipes, tobacco and snuff. 135 years and 5 generations later, and James Fox is still Dublin’s most famous cigar shop and one of the few remaining indigenous businesses in Ireland.

We have been very lucky to have a very close relationship over the years with the Cuban cigar factories that gave us a large range of cigars “Specially Selected for James J. Fox of Dublin”. David McGrane, our Managing Director, has sold many of these cigars (such as the Punch Nectares, Bolivar Amado, Hoyo Royal Hunt, Partagas Fox Selection) over his 45 years of service and some of these are still aging in our keeps.


To celebrate our 135th anniversary in business, we are proud to release a commemorative cigar humidor that was created in Cuba by Humidores Habana, each containing 50 Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure no2. Humidores Habana are renowned for their vision and craftsmanship and they have created some of the most recent Cohiba auction humidors.
The humidor resembles the style of pre embargo Por Larranaga cigar cabinets that were made exclusively for our store in the 1940. These cabinets, containing 50 and 100 Por Larranaga Souvenir Selection 119 (a petit corona that was named after our street number) can still be seen in our store.

These vintage cabinets were stamped “Specially Selected for James J Fox of Dublin and London” and also “For Eire”, which is the Gaelic term for “For Ireland”. While we boast today that these would have been the first ever regional edition cigars, the idea behind them was simple. During the Second World War when shipments of goods had trouble getting to Europe as they could have been intercepted from either side, the Cubans thought that given Ireland’s neutral position, the “For Eire” stamp would get the cigars safely to their destination.


Each of the 50 humidors is individually numbered and stamped “For Eire”, also bearing marks to resemble our Irish heritage and our close ties with Cuba. The 50 Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure no.2 cigars which are contained in the humidor are from 2013 and have been selected in our store. Each of the humidors comes in its own protective crate.

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